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IT Support Contract

IT Support Services that We Offer:

  • Maintenance, Monitoring, Support, and Regular Reporting of Your desired Devices and software.
  • All Support for your Computers and Network to Ensure their Optimal Results.

Features and Benefits of Our IT Support Contract

  • Live Monitoring: We can monitor your computer system and report you of errors that we find in your computer systems.
  • Preventative Maintenance: We perform all the preventive maintenance for your computer systems to ensure a smooth environment for your computer. Our goal is to let you enjoy the ultimate speed and processing efficiency of your computers.
  • Microsoft Patch Management: We can update your Windows operating system and other Microsoft applications in a timely manner.
  • Hardware and Software Audit: We help you to manage your IT budget by facilitating Microsoft license keys and hardware audits.
  • Setting up Usage Policy: We help you controlling the permissions of your applications. So that you can control which software applications will be shared on your network.
  • Data Backup Validation: We do regular check up to make sure that your data is properly backed up, and whenever you need to restore your data you have the opportunity. We also provide a regular monthly report.
  • Protection from Anti-Viruses: We protect your computers and network with proper anti-virus systems.

Virtues of our IT Support Contract that Stand Out

  • Experience. Effective. Excellence.
  • It allows the business owners to focus on their real work rather than being distracted by the technical issues that are not core to the business.
  • We offer both remote and on site IT support.


Our helpdesk experts are always ready to answer your questions and to solve all the IT and computer related questions. You will get all your questions answered in one place. We love to have your feedback for the support you have received from our helpdesk.