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Domain & Web Hosting

Host Your Website and Register Your Domain Name with 6363 Wilshire

6363 Wilshire, basically, offers two types of web hosting and domain name registration services:

  1. Domain Name Service (DNS) – We offer an easy domain name registration service. Register your domain name and host your business emails and websites with us. Under this friendly service, we help you to register your very own domain name. So you can have your unique business emails and website.
  1. Web Hosting Cape Town Service – This service comes with a lot of incentives. It offers flexible storage space with a varied web traffic bundles, and all the essential database and scripting tools. Our Web hosting Cape Town service is known for its reliability and professionalism. With this service you can host your business website easily and reliably.

Features & Benefits of Our Web Hosting and Domain Name Services

  • Flexibility: As our policy is no contracts, no catch, we offer you flexibility in our agreements. We hate to bind our clients in long term agreements without their consents. We love to offer you a transparent and flexible flexible contract. If you want to try a new service, you just need to give us a month’s notice.
  • Reliable Infrastructure: We securely host your website on the latest technology-based data centers. We are happy to ensure that these data centers have redundant power and fire suppression facilities with an excellent physical security.
  • Website Backups: Our service provides you a backup advantage. We will keep the 7 latest changes to your files, so that we can restore your website to a previous stage whenever you need that.
  • Skilled and Experienced Technicians: Our technician team consists of a number of certified Microsoft Professionals who are always dedicated to solve your problems.
  • DNS and Web hosting Cape Town Packages: These packages facilitate you to ensure a strong presence on the Internet so that you can have a better chance to market and advertise your business online.
  • DNS Registration Reminder: Domain names need to be renewed each year otherwise you may lose your domain name. So, as a part of our service we send you reminders to renew your domain name registration.