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6363 Wilshire IT Solutions serves a wide range of customers’ demands with a wider range of services. We are of experts of infrastructure architecture consulting services and we are specialized in providing services to both medium and small businesses.

We are professional builders of small to medium sized networks. We are experienced in building the networks even from the scratch. We assist you by providing everything that you will need for moving your company to the corporate best practice standard.

Here is a list of projects and services that we are proud of completing successfully:

  • Installation, repair, cleanup, and management of Domain Controllers, DNS services, and Active Directory
  • Installation, cleanup, repair, and management Exchange 2010/2013
  • Installation, cleanup, repair, and management of File and Print Servers
  • Installation, cleanup, repair, and management of terminal server environment and server clusters
  • Installation, cleanup, repair, and management of various business application servers
  • Installation, cleanup, repair and management of VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments which includes the high availability of vSphere and vMotion
  • All networking gears such as switches (both managed and un-managed), firewalls, wireless access points, routers, etc.
  • Setup of co-location sites in 3rd party data centers

Besides, we have extensive experience in validating and designing back-up and business continuity plans. Simply making a backup does not include a continuity plan. We consider a number of factors in designing business continuity plans:

  • The size of the critical data set
  • Requirements to gain full working capacity
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Risk factors
  • The ability of the other areas of the business to gain the required functionality

We do not sell either hardware or software. But we do provide transparent procurement services to supply your desired software and hardware. We are always happy to keep your existing suppliers; and if you need a new one, we are here to help. We take clients’ specifications first and conduct a Request for Quotations (RFQ) on the clients’ behalf. Eventually we bring the right solution with best value for the particular environment. We also provide an in-depth analysis of the cost and benefits of a solution with our recommendation to how to proceed. The transaction will be conducted only between our clients and the suggested third party suppliers. The only concern of 6363 Wilshire is to ensure that our clients get the right solution with best value.

Our Consulting Process

We review the project first and then we make the best recommendations on the basis of the specific situation.

We do not have any preset agenda and we always expect you prior to making a decision. We recommend our clients to allow us to be involved in their projects at the very early stage so that we can assist them properly with our expertise. This is how they will get the best advantage of our service. We target to save your valuable time, money, and any future issues that might cause you more time and money.