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Cloud Services

What is Cloud hosted services?

Usually an infrastructure of a server is located at a business premises. Cloud Hosted services replaces this business premises server infrastructure. Cloud hosted services allow you to host your data and applications on a server that is located in a data center.

The objectives of cloud hosted services include a number of benefits:

  • Cap-Ex Free – With cloud you don’t have to worry about any upfront costs for your business as you will not need to pay for hardware first. It is totally Pay as You Go.
  • Flexibility – You will enjoy the flexibility of upgrading or even downgrading as your need demands.
  • Cloud hosted services come with a fixed monthly cost.
  • Cloud hosted services are Software as Services and they have ease the maintenance for the users. You are not required to have a concrete knowledge of servers for maintenance.
  • Work from Anywhere – This is one of the greatest boons of cloud hosted services. It heightens the productivity and work life balance of the workers.