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The Raspberry Pi new Zero is the best thing that you can buy yourself $ 10

Introducing the new tiny computer that breaks all records and offering a complete package to be close to the price be difficult to refuse

Computers The Raspberry Pi with us for almost half a decade, and since the first moment as a number of entrepreneurs modest and provided a declaration wacko something that will offer processing unit full price of $ 25 until today – the feeling is that they do not cease to surprise us for a moment, even in rough seas Amos pretentious competitors.

Eighteen months ago we fell off the chair once again with the announcement of the Raspberry Pi computer Zero, which was much more small samples of other family members, and offered a complete processing unit to anyone for a price of only $ 5. It was great, but the computer was missing built-in wireless communications, and in fact not really been able to function on its own,

without the extension board, in the modern era where connectivity and network access is one of the main building and the most important imaginable.

A new revolution of computing available
Now, it is very possible that we get the ultimate solution for modern affordable computing really available for everyone – with the Raspberry Pi Wireless Zero, or the Raspberry Pi Zero W short, those physical dimensions, the same concept, but with built-in wireless connectivity chip package, and all Jaw dropping price of only $ 10.

The underlying hardware in Pi Zero Wireless identical to that of the model astonishing $ 5, and consists of chips BCM2835 of Broadcom includes core ARM11 and established a single operating frequency of 1GHz core graphics Built-VideoCore 4 operates at a frequency 250MHz and delivers the processing power of about 24 GFLOPS and ability encoding and decoding 1080p30 video at a rate based on the H.264 standard, along with a modest volume dynamic memory of 512 MB and a microSD slot for a storage card that will serve as the main volume of the system (and is not included in this ground, it should be noted).

We are very happy to get some more inputs and outputs, but at the price of 10 dollars is really hard to complain about that or anything else
The innovation here, as mentioned, is the addition of Cypress CYW43438 chip, identical to that found in the Raspberry Pi devices 3 that cost much more (relatively), which provides computer communication support Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.1 standard and support the BLE save blue tooth, thereby removing the need to use another plate or any improvisation else for basic ability – so a few dozen shekels (the Pi Zero Wireless with a storage card) really can create a tiny computer full of genuine, all use the brain fevered your can fantasize about.

As of today really not easy to achieve such a machine – it seems inventories are snapped up at a record pace, although this is something that probably will change in a few months
Computer newly include a pair of connections Mini-HDMI to transfer the video and audio using an external display, connection microUSB one that provides the energy required and can be used as wired connections via splitter fits 17 points GPIO to connect the panels and sub-units of any type and connection MIPI for camera outside, including a unit one created for a dedicated and offered her tiny price.

Want to add a camera and turn the computer network camera? please
All this alignment can not replace the desktop computer to your next, of course, but also comes in the size and weight of a pack of gum that you can make the unit for viewing video, a kind of micro-console launch retro games via emulation unit for video calling and countless options for simple and cool – when the bonus is Of course, the joy of creation and self development that will get in it will gain a complete and ready for configuration.

The Raspberry Pi Association also offers several specialized packages for the Zero W, which can make it technically most affordable desktop computer worldwide – or anything else you want
The Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless is a further development of amazing that helps illustrate how the chip industry and technology has progressed and is upgraded in recent years, but we certainly do not oppose see more hardware upgrade product family that soon, because elements such as architecture ARM11 or memory dynamically counted in megabytes Giga not feel out of place in 2017, also a product so cheap. We believe that the price range between the Raspberry Pi 3 Basic is priced at $ 25 and the Pi Wireless Zero new $ 10 model has room for one at least, try to combine modern hardware than the minimum dimensions of the first second. It is also practiced something that is really developing at this time as part of the association and this great revolutionary.

What are your plans for the future? May seem Raspberry Pi computer Zero Pro with upgraded hardware? We cross fingers

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